Abolano Records Presents "The Element Tree"

by Tree Dusk Muir


EX2 aka E Times Two, set off to harvest the endangered elements of hip hop beyond the confines of the west coast. The exploration for fertile soil landed them in Roanoke, Virginia; home to TDM aka Tree Dusk Muir. The combination of uninhibited beats and obscure rhymescapes from TDM, synthesized with the “in your face”, reality raps of the EX2 crew cultivated a new matrix…The Element Tree.

The Element Tree is Gel Roc & Vyrus of EX2 and Ovate & Rezult of TDM. This full length album contains additional contributions from fellow EX2 crew members Regret & Syn, TDM family Toobz, Nakral, & Abomination as well as Awol One, Riddlore, Jizzm, Neila, Mascaria, Roach The DJ, & 1985Beats.


released November 11, 2010



Tree Dusk Muir Virginia

Tree Dusk Muir is Ovate, Rezult, Vyrus, Nakral, Staplemouth, Wormhole, Toobz & Abomination. They are influenced in this life by all that is creative and unique within its own skin. Through consciousness, darkness is required for light to rise from the branch filled horizon. ... more

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